SAUNAS: Relaxation Fit for a King!

Purchasing a sauna is a big decision in two aspects. First, you take a big step to improve your health. Second, you spend big money for that. Depending on your brand choice, you can either have a worry-free, lifetime health partner, or a problem-causing machine. So what is one of the most important factors you have to consider when you make a purchase decision? You have to consider the reliability of the company. Any claim about their products, service, or warranty would not make much sense if their reliability is questionable.

The Health Mate Reliability

We recommend and carry the Health Mate brand Sauna, because they've been manufacturing the best quality far-infrared saunas since 1979. They are the #1 sauna manufacturer in the industry, and the company size and the sales volume is second to none.

What makes the Health Mate company special?

 Wood Factory  Own Wood Factory (Only the finest parts are selected)
 Affiliated Companies  5 companies in US, Canada , Europe, Korea , and China
 Dealers  More than 300 in the US; More than 50 overseas
 Employees  More than 500 Worldwide
 Years in Business  30 Years (since 1979)
 Own R&D Dept.  Yes
 Certifications  CSA Canada, CSA USA, NEMKO, CE, UL processing, TUV
 Defect Rate  Less than 1 percent
We promise the Health Mate sauna is made from safe, non-toxic materials. Health Mate is the only sauna manufacturer in the market that can make that statement.  
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